College Class of 2025 Waitlist Thread

Do you have any news on the Bowdoin waitlist ?

So I got waitlisted to NYU Tandon ED1 for computer science. It is my top choice school but what do you guys think my chances are. My sat score was a 1510 and my gpa unweighted was a 3.8. Please chance me and I hope you guys get off too! I didnt know if NYU wanted a LOCI so in the waitlist form, I wrote a paragraph explicitly stating that NYU remains my top choice and that I will matriculate as a student if I go. I also had my counselor send in both my mid term grades and my grades from the most recent marking period. What do you guys think and best of luck to the waitlist homies out there!

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hey, any word from skidmore, its just that i got waitlisted as well, but was unsure of my chances so reaching out to people online

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I just saw a post on reddit that someone was accepted off of the Princeton WL today… It seems pretty early, but my guess is that many people had to decide by May 1st for most colleges, so the additional two days for the IVYs may have been moot…unless you are deciding between IVYs of course :thinking:. LOL

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Thanks for sharing. Will be so interesting to see how this all shakes out.

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Vassar pulling off list as of Friday.

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Any updates from Pitzer, Rhodes or Gettysburg?

would love to hear if anyone has heard from any of the 5Cs?


Any one for the NC State waitlist?

My daughter was accepted to Princeton yesterday (5/3)


any news on bowdoin

Has anyone heard from Brown?

I read on Reddit that Pomona emailed their WL pool to say they were working on it and there would be updates soon. I haven’t heard of any other of the Cs receiving any communication.


Someone on the reddit thread posted that Amherst notified they will not be pulling from the WL at all this year.

Anyone heard about UNC Chapel Hill?

Someone posted in that thread what their plans are. They’ve also taken some people from the waitlist already a few weeks ago. But the other info is more current.

Yes! Daughters got the email today.

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That’s so peak! Does she have a good back up?

Is this how waitlists work now? I won’t include the phone number or person’s name, but it is from Bucknell. My son go this text yesterday… “…Is there a good time and phone number I can reach you at to talk about the possibility of joining the Class of 2025?”


Sounds like a good sign