College Confidential Rankings??

<p>I am new to this college search thing and I don't have much idea about colleges in the US. I was wondering why whitman as regarded as a "top college" in college confidential and "colorado college" isn't when the US news ranking of Colorado college is higher than Whitman College. On what basis does college confidential label Whitman College as a top college and doesn't label Colorado college as one of them? I don't mean to offend any whitman college students.</p>

<p>Super: Please don't take the info on here at face value. From what I see, there a many well-intentioned people on CC, but much of what I see on CC contains misinformation and is largely based on opinion (with biases included) that is particularly schewed in favor of the more prestigious colleges.</p>

<p>The best thing you can do is work with your school counselor and do a lot of research on your own.</p>