College Confidential vs. IMDb

<p>You know what I really like about College Confidential? At least the Musical Theater threads?
No body's here bashing each other, calling everyone stupid or retarded or anything else that I can't write on CC without getting in trouble. I'm sick of going on IMDb and seeing everyone bashing everyone else because someone might not have the best idea or simply a different opinion.
On the contrary, everyone here is so supportive, offering advice to those in need, offering condolences to rejections, praise for acceptances, etc.
As cheesy as it sounds, I just wanted to say that it's nice for theater kids to have a place where they can go for support, especially during audition season. </p>

<p>Keep up the good work everyone. : )</p>

<p>That's a sweet message Jeff. I also find this online community extremely supportive. </p>

<p>I also will mention that one reason why you don't see the BASHING on this forum is that CC is a MODERATED forum, unlike many internet discussion forums. CC has an outlined TERMS OF SERVICE which are the rules of posting which include many various rules including "no personal attacks." There is a team of volunteer moderators on CC who enforce those rules so that it can be a welcoming community. If someone does attempt to bash someone else or violate the other rules in the TOS, the posts are removed and various moderation actions are employed. You will often find that moderated online communities feel safer and more supportive because there is that moderation that will disallow anything that is discourteous and definitely will NOT permit BASHING as you see on many boards. </p>

<p>And of course, CC is made up of zillions of really great members who I am so grateful to have come to know here, and occasionally have met in person.</p>

<p>IMDb has moderators too, though they aren't as thorough or thoughtful as CC's are, though they don't really need to be; IMDb isn't really meant to be a supportive community, at least not like CC.
Nevertheless, it's nice to have moderators who are here to help everyone's experience.</p>

<p>I laughed when I read JeffBs post... I frequent one forum on IMDb basically to defend a friend who has been falsely accused of something and no mod had ever seemed to be on those threads. MY WORD are they viscious!!!!</p>

<p>You know, kindness breeds kindness. And that's what I think happens on this site. For example, the more supportive you all have been to me, the more I genuinely feel the desire to love and support everyone else. As many others have said, I sincerely feel like you all are my "friends," yet I don't even know you! My husband laughs at me as I express to him my worry about individuals on this site who are receiving disappointing news, but I've become genuinely invested in the outcome for every student and parent who posts here!</p>

<p>Maybe the moderators are getting rid of any negative posts before I ever see them, but I really doubt that's the case very often. This is a site filled with genuine, caring people who sincerely want to help and support one another. </p>

<p>How refreshing is THAT?!</p>

<p>Or maybe the moderators don't need to do anything everyone is actually nice to each other here....</p>


<p>I have to agree that this forum has been great for me. I have not posted alot but I do enjoy reading everyones post and the support has been great. I think we all need someplace to go and feel you won't be criticized or told you are totally wrong, especially when the audition process is going on.</p>