College confusion

So I was admitted/accepted to UNLV during January. And I just recently got a letter from the university stating that I was INVITED to a select status for a priority status, the date on the letter is the 4th. Also the letter said to put my application in, but I already have application and it was accepted. And whenever I look at my status it says “Intend to enroll” also I have recently gotten emails about my classes and an email to congratulate me on my admission and to show me my advisor. Was that to show that I got un-accepted, or can I just disregard this letter. I am genuinely confused because I already have an application in so why would I get a letter about applications then? Thanks anything would help honestly.

Most likely it just means you’re on a mailing list for potential applicants and they haven’t cross-referenced with acceptances. Its unlikely that your acceptance was rescinded without any other communication. However, it may be worth calling them to put your mind at rest.

I suspect this is just a glitch with their mailing list system. They will send thousands of letters and/or emails, and sometimes things get mixed up. Did you pay the deposit? You have not been rescinded, so please don’t worry.

You can contact their Admissions office if you like, but I am sure they will stop sending you mail as a prospective applicant soon. My daughter graduated from college in 2020, but in 2019, she got a mailer from a school asking her to apply. It happens.

Great! Because I have not gotten anything about being rescinded,it’s the opposite, since March 4th I have gotten emails about classes and orientation. And I did, I emailed the admission office, I also emailed my advisor about this situation.

I did pay the deposit, I payed it months ago, and great because I have not gotten anymore emails about applying or anything, just about classes and orientation. And I did email my admission office and advisor to talk about this situation. I am just waiting for a email back! Thank you so much I will not worry about this!

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could it be about being invited to a special program at the university?
In any case, you really should call.