College courses- Q re effect on UC GPA

My S attends fairly difficult private school, (eg.-no weighting/adding college courses into HS GPA, minimum 93 for A-, 4 merit semi finalists out of 50, but no one has 4.0 etc). S, medium student with upward trend, attended UCLA summer 2005 post 11th grade,took Soc 1 and rhetoric- oral comm class- the latter fulfills writing requirement, both are A-G type course. Grades in both A+, according to class web site #1 in both.
S only had 2 hon/ap classes before 12th.
In the course of CSU acceptances, found out that college courses are not factored into CSU HS GPA unless HS counts the courses towards degree(?)/ or something of the sort.
How does UC calculate college courses in GPA ?
concerned and confused mom</p>

<p>The weighting (or non-weighing) of grades by the high school does not matter. The UC GPA is calculated using only A-G classes that have UC approved. The UC GPA puts weights on UC approved honors, AP, and college courses.</p>