College Credit/GPA

Hello everyone, If a sophomore takes a class at the local community college can the grade be combined with the High School’s GPA? we have gotten two different answers from 2 counselors. I hope another parent who has been in the same position can shed some first hand knowledge.

Different high schools have different rules. It depends on the policy of your HS

Different colleges that the student may apply to may also have different ways of considering college courses taken while in high school; such ways may include recalculating GPA with the college courses included (possibly with some weighting).

When the student applies to colleges, the student needs to self-report or send transcripts (as specified by the college applied to) for the college as well as the high school.

Our high school doesn’t. They allow placement in the next class, if applicable, but an external course won’t appear on a transcript, let alone be included in a GPA.

Ask your high school for their specific policies

At our high school info on how it works is included in the program of studies. At our school the grade counted as a AP grade towards high school gpa (providing it was a true college class not a remedial class offered at a college). and high school credit.

However you need to go by your own school since it is a school or perhaps district specific situation. Like our high school would laugh at incoming students thinking they get high school credit for classes like algebra 1 taken before high school and other high schools do give credit for that.

The answer is…it depends.

At our high school, there were dual enrollment courses…college courses taken as part of the high school program. The grades in those were part of the GPA computation.

However, if a student chose to take a college course on their own perhaps in the evening, in the summers, on weekends or online, those courses grades were not part of the HS gpa. And if the student wanted to use a self chosen course to satisfy HS graduation requirements, this needed to be approved prior to the start if the course.