college credit while in high school

I will be a senior this fall ready to apply to Ivy’s and Guaranteed medical programs. I have ACT score of 34 and 800 in SAT math II and 800 in SAT Chemistry. My AP Chemistry and AP US history is 5 and AP English language and AP Euro history is 4 each. GPA is 5.5 weighted.
I took a computer credit class last summer at a local community college with an A, and this summer psychology credit class at the same CC but got 89% and therefore a B! I emailed the teacher couple of times for reconsideration but she won’t.
Now, what concerns me is:</p>

<li> Will this B hurt my application ? Since these are highly competitive schools/programs.</li>
<li> Should I not even bother reporting them on applications (since I may not care to/or be able to get credit for these classes)?</li>

<p>Please help!</p>

<p>My understanding....with your college applications you are asked for all transcripts. This would include CCs.
Your HS GPA/Stats are within the range for acceptance, as well as your CC grades. Work on your essays rather than spend time worrying about your CC grades.
~Good Luck!
APOL-A Mum</p>

<li><p>You must report these scores. If you do not report them and the college finds out, your acceptance could be revoked and you could even be expelled.</p></li>
<li><p>One B in a college course is not the end of the world. In case you haven't yet noticed, most students are not perfect. Adcoms understand this. Plenty of people are accepted without perfect GPAs.</p></li>

<p>Forget about the B and continue the application process as normal.</p>

<p>Thank you for your replies. Ok, now that I understand that I have to report these classes, I still am concerned about how it will look to the Adcoms? If the programs were not that selective I would not be worrying so much. Will it send the message that I was not able to handle a college class at CC?</p>