College Credits for med school


Hi so I have a question. I took a college credit class the summer before my junior year in college. Do i have to tell med schools that i took that class and show them a transcript if I did not use that credit for anything.

Yes. All college classes taken for credit, including DE or CC classes taken in HS, need to be reported. Whether you got degree credit is immaterial


Not only are you required to report these grades, you are required to send an official transcript to AMCAS/ACOMAS/TMDSAS when you apply. All the med school application services use NSC to verify applicants’ enrollment histories. Failure to report ALL college level coursework can result in a lifetime ban for the applicant.

Additionally, these credits will be included in all GPA calculations for med school application even if you do not transfer them to your college of record or use them to complete a college degree.