College Credits in High School

<p>My school offers courses that alllow you to obtain credits from Syracuse Univ. (you get cirriculums, tests, and transcripts all from them)'s called SUPA if anyone is familiar with it</p>

<p>I decided to be the lone brave soul in my grade to take every SUPA class that my school offers
by the time I graduate, I will have 38 credits residing at Syracuse</p>

<p>will this help me gain against my competition when applying to top schools?
most high school students take AP courses, so I'm sure my applications will look different compared to all of theirs</p>

<p>does this difference help me out at all??</p>

<p>of course it does. it shows that youre willing to go above and beyond. it also means that youve been selected from among your peers (in theory, which you havent - but a college doesnt have to know that). it also shows that you can do well in class at a fairly good college.</p>

<p>however, if it is part of a dual credit program it might not count for some top schools. for example, im a scholar at lasalle university. 4 kids from each catholic school get chosen, only 2 from my school applied so only 2 got it (i told my GC to make it seem like we were the only 2 qualified enough......) anyway, if i end up going to my first choice school, penn, they wont accept because my lasalle grades count on my report card as AP classes.</p>

<p>It will help you in admissions, but, depending on school, you may not get credit for the coures you took at Syracuse U.</p>

<p>Hi. I see that you're from Philly. Can you tell me anthing about Phila Univ? I plan to major in international business.</p>


<p>julz6587, I am a dual-enrollment student. My college experience has been really great and my grade is weighted too. My classmates seem so envious when I leave campus two days per week and have three free periods on the other three days....It's reall nice being a d-u.</p>