College Dating Scene

<p>Hey Guys! This might seem like a weird question to ask but What colleges are "Hook up" schools and what colleges are "Dating" schools? Some colleges, such as colgate, are considered a "hook up" school. The conservative colleges, such as some ivies, are "dating" schools. Can we name some more? In college I'd like to date more often than hook up.</p>

<p>The Ivies are not dating schools from what my friends have told me.</p>

<p>The Ivies are not conservative. In fact, most Ivies are very liberal. Brown, Columbia, Cornell and Yale and as liberal as they come. The remaining four Ivies are also quite liberal. </p>

<p>As far as dating vs hooking up goes, I would say all universities have a healthy mix of both. It depends on the person really. Obviously, a school with a healthy female:male ratio makes it easier for students to interact "socially". </p>

<p>Schools I can imagine (and this is purely speculation on my part) have more active dating scenes include the following:
Notre Dame
Wake Forest
William and Mary</p>

<p>Well, University of Chicago has one of the highest rates of students marrying each other just out of college.</p>

<p>That's an interesting tidbit, OneMom. Who tracks that kind of stuff?</p>

<p>I heard Princeton's number for inter-school marriages is the highest by far. I don't know where to find the statistic though...</p>