College Decision Outcomes

Hi! I just thought I’d share my college decision outcomes to help any future applicants chance themselves, and also to spark some conversation. Feel free to leave your outcomes below if you are comfortable with it! I’ve always enjoyed watching college reaction videos but I’d rather not start a Youtube channel right now, so I figured I could write it out. Hopefully this helps someone get a better understanding of the requirements for certain schools/what I could’ve done better too.


SAT: 1450 (760 math/690 English :frowning: not sure why I struggled with English so much )
GPA: 94/100 (school does not use a 4.0 scale, but this is an equivalent to a 4.0)
ECs: I attend a performing arts high school where I play multiple instruments, work at a doctor’s office, and have joined photography club and volleyball club.
Other: I have earned Honor Roll at my high school.



Boston University
SUNY Binghamton (almost half-tuition scholarship)
Fordham University (almost full-tuition scholarship, one of my most affordable options)
Ithaca College- Honors Program offered
Marist College
UConn- Business Honors Program offered
St. John’s University- Honors Program offered
Baruch College- Honors (Full-tuition scholarship)
Hunter College- Honors Scholar (partial scholarship)
Queens College
Brooklyn College
City College of New York
John Jay College


Lehigh University
Tulane University
Villanova University
New York University

Rejected :

Boston College
Northeastern University
Vassar College
and the ivies (I applied as extreme reaches, didn’t expect much):

If anyone has any questions, feedback, or wants to share their own results, I’d love to hear about them! Feel free to add to this forum below. Thanks!

Also a DISCLAIMER: The college admissions process is complicated and complex. No one knows which formula colleges use, or what exactly they’re looking for, except for the admissions officers. What worked for me may not work for you, and on the opposite end, the schools that I didn’t get accepted to can still accept you. This is just to give an idea of this process to whoever may be interested.

Also, I forgot to add that I am a first-generation student.


Great to recognize that - every case and story is analyzed in a different way. Also, there are hundreds of admissions workers looking over documents and test scores - all obtaining different views for what fits their institution. The formula for colleges is strained and skewed throughout.

So where did you ultimately choose to attend?

Hi, I’m still deciding (with only a few weeks left to make my decision), and I’m mainly trying to choose between Fordham and Boston University. BU used to be a dream school of mine, but Fordham is way more affordable and still great, so I’m going to do some more research on the outcomes of students and their success levels upon graduating.