College Decision

I have been admitted to 7 different liberal arts schools and while I have some preferences I have been unable to visit all of them and would like to hear some other thoughts
Obviously money matters and if anyone has an experience where a school I have gotten more scholarship from has revoked money later or a school that has given you more money after appeal please let me know

Did anyone who is now at Redlands get into some of these schools and possibly have a similar decision? Any advice?

Whitman College ($13,000 merit)
Kenyon College ($25,000 merit)
Willamette University ($24,000 merit)
Wesleyan University (about $11,000 in grants/work study)
Carleton College (about $15,000 work study/grants)
Macalester College (about $14,000 merit)
University of Redlands (about $30,000 merit)

Waiting: Pitzer

For students possibly looking at schools to apply to here are the other results I got

Wait-Listed: Grinnell
Rejected: Claremont Mckenna College

I am IB Diploma Candidate, 5 HL Classes, 4.02 Weighted GPA (about 3.8 unweighted I think), Super-score SAT (660 CR, 650 Writing, 760 Math/2070 Composite) done lots of clubs/sports if you have any questions as a high-school student feel free as well