College Decision

I’m a sophomore at St. Bonaventure University. I played Division 1 Men’s Soccer there for 2 years, but have chosen to transfer back home to a school in the Philly area. If given the opportunity to continue my soccer career, I will, but I am more focused on and interested in my schoolwork anyway. I excelled academically while at SBU, but was rejected by Lehigh despite meeting all of the requirements for admission. I am a journalism major with plans of going to law school after obtaining my undergraduate degree. I have been accepted to Cabrini University, La Salle University, Temple University, and West Chester University. I am unsure of what I should do as Lehigh was a no-brainer for me if accepted, but these 4 schools are all in the same realm from an academic and exclusivity standpoint. Suggestions?

As you point out the four are probably comparable. What are the cost differences?

La Salle is cheapest, with Cabrini slightly behind and Temple way more expensive. Have not received financial aid package from WCU yet.

It will be rather difficult to find a journalism program on par with St. Bonaventure University. You are doing well academically and are about to finish your 2nd year.

Temple would be the best academically, then WCU and LaSalle roughly on par , then Cabrini.
However St Bonaventure’s journalism program is top-notch so if you excelled there why not try to transfer into Mizzou?