College Dorm

Hello everyone. I have a question: If I am going to a college that is at least 45 minutes away from me, should I stay home or stay at a dorm room?



If you can afford it, dorming is going to be easiest. That commute will get old fast, and put a lot of miles on your car. Colleges that have a large percentage of students on campus won’t call off for winter weather often, if that’s an issue where you live. It will be easier to make friends and get involved in campus activities. After freshman year, once you are established on campus, you could think about living at home again if you need to save money?


Dorm! A 45 minute commute will get old super quick!

Dorm!! My sister had to commute a similar time and it was amongst the reasons she eventually dropped out. 45 minutes will get old very quick, and will be very ruff during the winter. Also, the cost savings is greatly reduced when you have two drives of 45 minutes daily.

Remember that a huge part of college is interacting with other students. Having such a long commute will limit, not just social activities, but also evening study sessions, club meetings, etc. If cost isn’t a huge limiting factor, go for the dorm.

If a dorm is affordable for your family I would go for it

If you can afford it, dorm.

But i still would recommend dorming for the first year at least so it is easier to make friends and get involved on campus.

Dorm; you can go home on the weekends.
You’ll have to find a parking space when you commute and that is a hassle at a lot of schools. Traffic, and any accident, is going to affect what time you get to the school. It’s not a good idea.

If you dorm I’d suggest staying on campus for (at least most) weekends and getting involved in the social life and activities at college. That is part of the expereince you are paying for.

In most cases, on campus first year is preferable if you can afford it.

However, the advantage is lower if the college’s students are predominantly commuters.