College Dorms?

Hi! I’m currently searching for my dream college, and I have a lot of things I’m considering, but I’m also really curious about lots of other things, one of which regards living on campus. I will likely be living on campus for my first year or two of college. I was wondering if you have any experience with living on a college campus, what it was like, and lastly, what all is regularly in a college dorm/if there are different types of dorms that typically have different things or features. I’m just really curious and would love to know! Thank you so much:)

I stayed home for school, so most of what I’ve learned has come from visiting 6 or 7 schools with my son.

Basically, we’ve seen 2 different styles of dorms:

  • traditional. Most rooms sleep 2 students, with the occasional triple or single. It comes supplied with 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 bureaus, lighting, window fixtures and a closet (or 2.) Bathrooms are down the hall: one for guys and another for girls. They have multiple showers. Cleaning the bathroom is the responsibility of the school.
  • suite style. Two or 3 bedrooms (again, typically doubles with some triples thrown in) share a bathroom: a toilet and sink on one side and shower on the other. Cleaning the bathroom is the responsibility of the suitemates.

Most of the schools we’ve seen have mailboxes in the dorm somewhere. Most have some quiet study rooms, and most have a place where kids can gather. Some have fooseball/pool tables, some have large screen TVs. All have central heating, some have central AC (All were in NY, PA, or MA.)

For all of them, there was a cafeteria in another building. Most will let you have a micro/fridge combo in your room, but it’s frequently one that has to meet certain requirements. Most will not allow you to have any sort of heating element that doesn’t turn itself off. (So, for example, a Keurig is frequently OK, but a hot plate usually isn’t.)

@CuppaWisdom Where do you live? Which state?