College Drop off for Grove City College and Saint Louis University

We have triplets who will go to college next fall. We are learning at least two of their schools conflict with drop off days. How long do parents stay for Grove City’s drop off? It looks like maybe parents will only be there on Thursday till about 12:00 or 1:00? Is this correct? For Saint Louis University it looks like there are events for parents for three days. We are thinking a little ahead to see how all this will work out. Thank you!

Call the school! My youngest was one of the leads in the orientation activities after drop off. His college makes the drop off short and bittersweet. So it was with all of my kids. SLU might be an exception so get the exact schedule of events. They will have them pretty much organized by now. They work in them all summer long.

If I remember, SLU, does orientation and information for courses separately in small summer group sessions but if you didn’t attend one, that may be the issue. But in any case, call the school

When my D showed up at her college for move-in/orientation, she discovered that she was the last person to arrive in her triple. That’s because they let the international students move in early (and one of the roommates was international), and the other one was allowed to move in early because of a conflict with her sibling’s move-in schedule. Doesn’t solve the problem of attending the parent orientation part of it, but an earlier move-in date might be permitted if the dorms are already open.

Are you sure they’ll get in and that the dates will match in 2020?
(I assume ‘next Fall’ = 2020)?