College engineering programs

My daughter is applying to schools for civil undergrad engineering. She is looking at Rutgers, Villanova, Rowan, and NJIT. Her top two choices are Rutgers and Villanova, but it seems that Rowan has a strong program. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

She will likely get more merit from Rowan and NJIT than Rutgers. Also - go check out the Rutgers engineering campus and facilities - when we toured, it was clear that they were in need of renovation. Rowan and NJIT’s facilities were much more up-to-date. We considered all three for DS. Other schools on our list included:

cal tech
case western
colorado school of mines
rose hulman
u maine Orono
Georgia Tech

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Can you be more specific on what you’d like to know? More info about the above schools? Other schools? Etc.

It’s probably safe to assume your home state is NJ. Depending on level of aid, Villanova could be dramatically more expensive.

My husband is a civil and has had a rewarding, successful career. He went to CMU but would probably be one of the first to tell you that he would have been fine to go to his state schools in Pennsylvania instead. Our sons both went to our state schools in Virginia for engineering. Unless Villanova gives you good aid or you are wealthy, your best bet will probably be one of your state schools or a school that gives good need based or merit aid. Good luck!

Given your focus, I’d add Manhattan College to your list.

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