College essay/lying

This is a vague question but how much/ what repercussions would I face if I lied about joining a club in high school and volunteer hours. I can connect it really well with my essay so I was just wondering.

When someone catches a person in a lie they don’t think “was that a big lie or a small lie”. They instead think that person is a liar. All credibility and trust is gone.

In an admissions situation that is a pretty devastating potential repercussion. So now you are thinking I probably won’t get caught. Probably right.

There is a saying integrity is what you do when no one is looking. In this situation you should have integrity and know someone will be looking.

I am sure your application can stand on its own without you having to lie. Good luck.


Remind me not to hire you when you graduate.

You’ve done a lot in your life. I’m sure you can find something to write about - even if it’s about watching tv 12 hours a day or playing on your phone. If that’s you, that’s you.

It’s worrisome that not only are you willing to lie, but you actually posted a question asking if it’s ok.


I don’t know what is the probability of you being caught. But you’ll be a liar for the rest of your life, and YOU will know it.


why do you need to lie? if you have a well written essay you don’t need to lie. And “joining” this pretend club is really not going to make a difference to admissions…but lying will. Don’t do it.


Nothing else to add. Closing thread.