College Essay - researching, but make it impactful? advice?

Hi! For one of my college essays I wanted to focus on my research. It’s meaningful, impactful, and explains my thought process. I want to become a environmental/ecotoxicology/biology researcher, so it is also part of my identity. I am applying to mainly research schools and known environmentally focused universities.

I have written about my current project and staying up for 30 hours to test samples every hour, taking pictures, recording obersvations, testing turbidity, and other values.

My research ‘lab’ is my parent’s storage room. I open my essay up, setting the scene with lighting, smell, and space. During this time I mention playing video games, listening to music, and reading.

My main reflection is how in the future I want to be able to conduct research in a real lab, with resources that aren’t mason jars for canning, using my money to purchase water testing equipment and filtration devices and borrowing materials. It is also what research means to me, sacrificing my sleep, money, and weekend.

But I am struggling to go deeper, and help the reader understand my devotion to research. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for this essay?