College Essay?

<p>Is it okay to poke fun in your college essay or should I try to avoid it? I wasn't sure if humor is a good idea or not</p>

<p>This would get better responses in the essay forum.</p>

<p>As for your question, who/what are you poking fun at? Humor can be great if you're funny, but being funny is different than poking fun.</p>

<p>Humor is a good idea, but don't overdo it. A good idea to test the line would be to hand your essay to a stranger and ask him or her to read it. If he/she finds it funny, then it would be acceptable (more than making flat jokes that the admissions officers wont find funny). </p>

<p>But don't forget the most important thing: ANSWER THE QUESTION! And reveal your character as to who you are. That's more important to the officers than a few jokes.</p>

<p>Yes. Humor works great in application essays! If you're concerned that someone might find your humorous observations offensive, have a few people read it first and get their take. Admissions officers aren't wooden people; making them laugh might actually get you bonus points.</p>