College Essays

<p>HI. I'm an indian who is transferring college from a local college in India. I'm applying to some of the top Universities in the states and I'm not sure what exactly to write in my essays. Or how it is supposed to be. </p>

<p>So some of the major things that shaped me are:</p>

<p>1) I was physically/verbally/mentally/emotionally bullied from 5th-10th grade.
2) My uncle (He was 21) who passed away a year before I was born was my inspiration and the person who I admire the most to carry on my dream to get into the UN.
3) I've broken several records in International Model UNs
4) I took part in the number 1 model UN in the world where I've been chairing for 2 years and that helped me build my self confidence.
5) I've always known that I wanted to IR
6) I come from a conservative family who didn't let me go abroad to study but they changed their mind after seeing me succeed and knew I had no scope here. </p>

<p>So how am I supposed to write all this? Can I write a strong viewpoint on topics such as the Israel/Palestine Conflict or Humanitarian crisis in Somalia or the problems in the South Caucasus area? </p>


<p>I think college essays in the US are meant to be more personal…your own reactions to international topics, for example. I would expand on point 5. and i would bring in point 6 as you tell your story. good luck</p>

<p>You have to ask yourself what sort of essay will show adcoms at “top universities” the attributes they seek. It’s really about the qualities that show through- not simply what you tell.</p>