college.....field transfer..

<p>hi all........
Im going to UC SD as a freshamn..
how hard would it be for em to change my major from chemical engineering to comp science....
i heard its pretty easy...but just wanna make sure</p>

<p>when'd you get in?</p>

<p>This is taken from the University of California website:</p>

Generally, students may change majors. However, selective majors—Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Bioengineering-Biotechnology, and Electrical Engineering within the Jacobs School of Engineering—have established screening criteria that do not allow for change of majors.</p>

<p>I don't know, though, I mean, if you got into the Engineering School, you should be able to change majors within the school.</p>

<p>lol........yeah i didnt get in the decisions arnt out yet.......but im pretty sure i shud b able to get in....
PEPPERS.........thanks for the info.....but i read that info alrdy and thats why I was asking this question so that if someone actually goes to UCSD, it wud b better to know from them . Coz those ppl dont want u to tansfer thats why they say its hard.....But just like u said if u get into engineering school u shud b able to change ur major....................
let c wah happens
thanks a lot thoo..</p>

<p>Changing majors is generally easy. However, for impacted majors (BioE, CSE) that's not necessarily true. Changing your major to computer science could be very, very difficult.</p>