College food shortages?

D20 attends a SLAC in upstate NY and dining services are supplied by Chartwells (yuck). There are less than 3000 students and normally there is one main dining hall and 3 smaller venues open at meal times. In the past few days, the smaller venues have been closing halfway through a meal time with no notice. D and her friends have commented on smaller portions at all locations and serving staff refusing to give more or allow seconds. A quick online search shows Chartwells having issues in Michigan with supply chain and food shortages. Is anyone else’s student saying anything? Emailing dining services and the college haven’t yielded any response yet.

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My D’s school has a few dining options that aren’t serving dinner due to lack of staff. They’re hoping to get them back open as soon as they can find people.

She hasn’t mentioned food shortages but I’m going to ask now that you’ve pointed it out.

I also heard about reduced hours because of staffing issues at the beginning of the semester but things are back to normal now.

Have not hearing anything about food shortages.

D said when they asked about getting a little more on their plate that the server said no because they haven’t been getting their full deliveries. Maybe it is labor shortages in the warehouse or not enough drivers.

DS attends a medium sized public uni in the South. From reading various posts you would think the poor things are all starving but DS says the food is overall very good.

He sent a picture last night of his plate, which looked wonderful, and commented “no idea what everyone is complaining about”. He has mentioned there have been times when the selection was a bit limited and he wishes he could get more fiber but in general likes it.

My d is at a SLAC in the PNW and they have labor and food shortages (lacking truck drivers). It’s pretty grim, but I’m trying to not have her focus too much on it.

USC has also had issues at the start of the school year due to labor shortages.

Update: according to my D she’s heard of places running out of food and some places not opening or closing early. I’m surprised but I guess I really shouldn’t be given that I’ve seen the same thing in the grocery store as far as supply unevenness and shortages of certain items.

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One of our local public K-12 schools posted on FB that there are shortages and to expect substitutions to the menu.

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Yes, my S at a SLAC with the same supplier and he eats dinner late after working out. He said one evening there was basically nothing left and they said there was an “emergency”. Luckily he has back up food in his room. There have been reduced hours and long lines as well. Lots of parents complaining on fb and the supplier apparently does not have a great record.

My son’s small LAC also has had problems with staffing food service. Many of the stand alone fast food places are either closed a few days a week or close early. And the main cafeterias have less options than usual.

DD is senior off campus she cooks/bakes same as 2 housemates but some very busy days they pay/eat at college restaurant so far no food shortage there but they grow part of the foods on campus and some farmers in area deliver to them.
For her groceries she buys sends me picture no shortages that area midwest.
I did see on Youtube recent videos food shortages american grocery shops allover USA. Have not seen yet specific college food shortage videos.
So I worry about it as her older mom.

They have a on campus students food bank. I did not know that even existed more colleges have those.

Her sorority had plans for a clothes bank but with the c19/corona their plan/project is shelved until it is possible to do so in future.

I think even if on a college foodplan all meals is good to have some extra food supply in housing.

Near to college sometimes is a farmers market but last time they went was start bad weather so guys packed up left and many parked cars people had just arrived to buy left sadly disappointed with no groceries. Her dad does not understand bit of rain why leave…she tell him weather very bad start suddenly.

Since she left overseas send her care packages also food in it and some bits for others. And now senior year some food/spices for all 3 as they all enjoy cooking.

Here EU also some food shortages but most folks say oh is just little/few things no problem. Harvest fruit/veggies failures. No beef stew meats , no imported uncle ben rice, store bought tins of fruits only the big size on shelves all others gone. Those big sized tins here EU sell mostly during Christmas and Easter.

College/uni here no such thing as student college food banks. The normal
food bank is for people on social benefit requires permit letter for 1 or 2 box if big family, not everyone can go get it. I see american system is different from see youtube videos.

Video is about food insecurity college students

Just found and see this short video

Wow, I had no idea. Is this all tied to the same cafeteria company, or is it happening more broadly? A temporary cutback on food or venue options is one thing, but limiting portion sizes is not OK. Students on financial aid can’t afford to supplement with restaurant food or even groceries.

Food shortages are definitely a thing, AFAIK the entire supply chain is messed up. Labor shortages both in the supply chain, and at colleges are also part of the problem. Just a few articles (there are many more):

Impacting more than just colleges too:


My D said she knows of a vegetarian at her school that started eating meat again because there weren’t enough protein options. I hope it gets resolved soon!

This thread reminds me of the question “Is the sky blue?” :laughing:

There are problems nearly everywhere in the economy because of the pandemic.

Students need their food and with cold season starting soon, serving less is not ok.

Not sure about that…in this country, we all could do with eating a little less…in some cases a lot less