College food shortages?

It could…but it would potentially distribute the dining requirements over a larger number of establishments. Obviously depends on where the school is located. And support the local restaurant community which was hit pretty hard.

I’m sure most schools won’t be interested in giving up the cash cow that on campus dining presents :wink:.


We chose minimum meal plan blocks. I don’t think unlimited meal plan worth it.

My daughter’s cafeteria was open from at least 7 am to 8 pm, all the time. Once you were in the door there were all kinds of stations and you then stood in line for those. Once you were in you could eat as much as you wanted and stay as long as you wanted.

I guess some stations close for restocking at certain times of the day or to switch from breakfast to lunch/dinner entrees, but the drinks, ice cream, soups, salads are always open. They certainly don’t restrict portion size or amount of food you eat.

My understanding is that the dining hall is open pretty much all day (closes at 7:30pm which seems early to me) but actual food is available/served for breakfast, lunch and dinner during specific hours. And during the off-times you can sit but no food is available.

That would be great! My D can only choose one plan based on her year.

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There was food available all day. D’s BF had a lunch pass when he was living off campus and could swipe and enter the dining room from 10:30 to 3 as many times as he wanted. On some days he’d go at 10:30 and eat breakfast, then return before 3 for lunch/dinner.

He got his money’s worth off that plan.

The food plans at her school were REALLY expensive (IMO) and there were only 2 options, either the all you eat or the all points, but they cost the same. I was glad he got his money’s worth, because my daughter sure didn’t. When she switched to the all points, she could at least buy groceries and cleaning stuff at the store, and she still couldn’t spend all the points.

My kid complained that his school’s dining hall closes at 7:30 pm but that didn’t seem early to me! Maybe I’m wrong on that. But they can use their meal plan points at all the campus restaurants/cafes, so there are other options. An email from the school early did mention that they were addressing minor food/staffing shortages, but the kid’s been pleased so far.

D’s school made a big deal about the dining hall being open 24 hours a day, not for everything but there was always cereal, fruit, frozen yogurt, bread and the toaster, hot water for tea or oatmeal, coffee, cold beverages, and a special baked good of the day. They had minimal staff to keep things clean and stocked but it wasn’t like they were running the grill all night. Underclassmen had unlimited swipes but meal blocks were available to upperclassmen who had access to kitchens. Now, it is 6:30 AM- midnight because they said no one went at night last year. Of course they didn’t - the dining hall was closed and meals were to go only during specified times.