College Freshman Bad Grade

Wasn’t sure what category to use but anyway I am currently a college freshman and am pretty much done with my first semester. I got As and Bs for the most part but I got a D in stats. I am a student at Cal State Northridge and I’m very worried. How much would this affect me and what are my options from here ? Class online was super confusing and stressful. Thanks for any help

Here is the repeat course/grade forgiveness policy for Cal State Northridge. I would repeat the class with a different professor.

Thank you but I also wanted to know if this is something I should be super worried about ? I know this is a bad grade, especially in college but should I try to calm down a bit ? This feels like the end of the world to me since I’ve never gotten a bad grade before. Also I believe CSUN might just let you make it up summer school where financial aid won’t cover it…

If it is one time situation then it is nothing to worry about. Transitioning from High school to College can be difficult in normal times but with classes all on-line it can be even harder. There is a reason colleges offer grade forgiveness.

Is it possible to retake next semester and take a CSU transferable GE at your local CC to keep on track and at a lower cost than at CSUN?

Both my son’s opted to take UC/CSU transferable GE’s in their summer after Freshman year to lighten their STEM heavy course load and at a significant costs savings.