College Freshman-Documentation needed for ADHD and accomodation requests

<p>D is heading to college next month and while at orientation she received the paperwork to be completed to received accommodations.</p>

<p>The paperwork was not very specific about what should be submitted. She is going to submit her last 504 plan and a letter from her doctor indicating her diagnosis of ADHD at age age 7. Her primary care physician also suggested that she be seen by a psychiatrist so he can also validate her diagnosis but she has not do so as of it will be be submitted with the initial documentation. </p>

<p>From those experienced in these matters, should she submit anything else with her paperwork?</p>

<p>Also, what accommodations are generally provided in college. She said the form had a check list and she asked for: extended time on tests, a distraction free environment (whatever that may mean in a 200 person lecture class), class notes and priority registration (this was thrown in just because it could not hurt). Are these requests reasonable? Any others requests that anyone can suggest.</p>

<p>Yes-ask that she not have more than one roommate-no triple or quad room. Too hard to study.</p>

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<p>For ADHD my university required a specific battery of tests within the first semester. You need to ask to be sure; the best way is to use their testing services if they have them. She should also make an appointment ASAP with the disability center for temporary class accommodations. Those appointments fill up fast. Unless it's a private school I doubt that anything less then that specific battery from a psychiatrist will be enough (I go to a large public flagship). </p>

<p>I received 50% additional time on tests/quizzes, distraction free testing, and note-taking for my ADHD. For me the distraction free testing means taking my extended exams in the student disability resource testing center. Priority registration is usually reserved for other disabilities, not ADHD (never hurts to try though). For me note taking was a bust. Having it on my accommodation sheet is a bonus however. I found a way to keep up by writing my notes in Question/Answer format (two word documents open-- one set questions the other answers). Saves time studying! If I hit a class where laptops are not allowed I will use my note-taking accommodation to try to push past the rule. Those three requests are very reasonable.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>dg5052-She already has housing lined up--so that aspect is taken care of.</p>

<p>Yau-it is a Cal State public university, I will have her call and make an appointment for the first week of school. Hopefully they can refer her to someone in the area for the testing....if they require it. Sounds like what she asked for is what she needs---as for the priority registration--as you said, couldn't hurt to ask ;) </p>

<p>Thanks all</p>