College Freshman Fall '10 Parents - Shopping Yet

<p>With my first child, a D we started her college shopping the week after she graduated - and probably kept buying until the day she left!</p>

<p>Now my S will be heading off this fall- I suspect our college shopping experience will be totally different - he will probably head out with me for one day of shopping, empty out his drawers and closets and be ready to go. No long and extended menu of shopping and decorating to be had!</p>

<p>I'm hoping to get a better idea of what he will need/want when we attend orientation in early July and can actually "see" (now that we know he will actually be living there) his dorm and the room set up. Hopefully, that will motivate him as well....</p>

<p>Start shopping yet??????</p>

<p>I bought a wet/dry vac (dustbuster type) at Aldi for my son. I hope he will use it at least a few times this year. I think it will be much easier to buy for a boy - I asked him what kind of bedspread he wanted and he just laughed....</p>

<p>I started shopping in April and probably won't finish until I arrive on campus. In fact, I just bought a few more clothing items last night. I am buying way too much and am sure I'll regret it, but I a) have it all planned out, b) am following a budget, and c) love to shop but haven't gotten the opportunity in years.</p>

<p>Brilliantly stated on another thread: Bed Bath & Beyond...Toys R Us for adults!</p>

<p>It isn't about what he NEEDS, it's about how much fun it is to consolidate all those packing lists and make a spreadsheet of things you need! Of course I've started shopping, and know most of it will go back...that doesn't make it any less fun. Now if I could just get HIM interested in it....!</p>

<p>I love decorating, so I'm sure my son was the only one to show up with everything color-cordinated. It took time to do that! Best purchases were a floor lamp he kept near his bed, so he could read in bed (Those clip-on lamps for headboards just weren't tall enough) and Wall Slicks, removable wall decor. Wall</a> Slicks Removable Wall Decals / Wall Stickers by Modern Wall Graphics. For Kids, Home Decor, Baby</p>

<p>Before sophomore year, at his request, I made him a lamp shade out of his old x-rays. His major is in the medical field so everyone thinks it's very cool.</p>

<p>Me: When you go to Target tomorrow pick up a comforter for your dorm bed.
Son: Why? I already have a comforter.
Me: You need a twin for college. Your bed here is a double. Plus, even if they were the same size, you wouldn't want to haul one comforter back and forth between the 2 beds.
Son: ...crickets chirp...
Me: OK??
Son: Nah. I don't think I want sheets or anything on my dorm bed.</p>

<p>Not a thing. I mentioned sheets once, and his eyes glazed over. I think this is going to be easy, yet unsatisfying, for me.</p>

<p>Open your cupboards and send along anything you do not care whether or not you get back....end of shopping expedition. My son's dorm silverware was found by a friend along side of a street in a beach house community, what people did to get rid of things they no longer needed (I did not tell him the source of that for several years, and his reaction was "yuck"). Save your $$....they do not need more stuff. The only exception is that you do need XL twin bottom sheets for dorm bed, but buy the ones you can find on sale or at discounter. Send your old towels.....they are thinner and will take less time to dry in dorm dryer. Hang onto hangers from dry cleaners and new coats and suits, and send those. Everyone will be so glad that they have less stuff rather than more. Promise.</p>

<p>My S is atypical - he is very into the outfitting the dorm expeditions. So far, we've gotten the desk lamp, mattress pad & cover. And pillows.He hasn't seen a comforter/sheet set he's liked yet. He wants to get some under the bed storage containers.</p>

<p>We are holding out to see if DS gets the single room (first choice). If not, he will have to deal with less space and consider the roommate. Either way, I'm guessing we can do all the shopping he will want/need in one afternoon. Maybe I can convince him to do a side trip to IKEA which is just fun for mom!</p>

<p>I read on this board that we should wait at least until August, so we'll have something to focus on besides how sad we will be when the kids go away...seemed like good advice!</p>

<p>To my great surprise, DS was very opinionated and wanted to control the whole plan! I was not allowed any input into his decorating other than signing the charge slips! His room half was amazing, with framed prints on the wall and snazzy linens. Who knew I had a budding decorator?</p>