College Furniture

<p>Hey all, just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for places/store, online sites, etc for cheap furniture that is of decent quality? I need to find a desk, dresser and storage cabinet/high book shelf. I have come up with the following list so far, but please add!</p>


<p>Ebay, Bed Bath and Beyond</p>

<p>IKEA is pretty cheap.</p>

<p>IKEA definitely.</p>

<p>IKEA is love.</p>

<p>Craig's list</p>

<p>craigslist is the shizzle. My roomate and I had a perfect condition couch delivered to our door for $35 total.</p>

<p>Keep the list coming! Anyone know of obscure (but reliable) sources?</p>

<p>Anyone have an interesting suggestions for how to decorate your walls? I'm talking more than 12 by 36 sized posters. I have a lot of space in my room and not a whole lot of money to work with. Any suggestions?</p>



<p>Pottery Barn is a good store for furniture and just about anything else.</p>

<p>Haven't been to an Ikea since 1989. Was pretty good then, I'd imagine it hasn't changed too much in 17 years.</p>

<p>Ikea = A+ :)</p>

<p>Boss555 -- go to a wrapping paper store and get a few yards (or cheap rolls) of patterns you like. You can cover any wall space that's not being taken up by posters.</p>

<p>Also, go to a fabric store and get a few yards of fabrics you like. You can drape them over the windows, swag them from corners, hang them all billowy on the ceiling or as a room divider, etc.</p>

<p>Tapestries are also great.</p>

<p>Big Lots had a bookshelf that was about 4 feet tall for $20 a couple weeks ago. Not a bad deal...</p>

<p>linens 'n' things = love</p>

<p>Is Big Lots just a chain of stores or can you actually buy things online? I had trouble getting prices.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you can't buy stuff online, as not every Big Lots has the same things.</p>

<p>Try going to and typing in your zip code to find one near you.</p>