College GPA dependent scholarships.

<p>So most of the scholarships I see from schools almost always ask for your high school GPA. From what I've seen, only private scholarships are offered based on college GPA alone. I had a less-than-stellar (ha) high school average so I'm banking on my college GPA to help me out with some financial burdens if at all possible. I'm also trying to find some transfer scholarships, but so far I haven't found a whole lot. Do colleges readily advertise these scholarships, and are the normal scholarships usually available to transfer students as well?</p>

<p>You seem to be talking about merit scholarships. The answers are 1) no, colleges do not readily advertise scholarships given to continuing students who did not receive them on entry (you should contact the admissions or financial aid offices of any school you are considering); and 2) there are many fewer scholarships available for transfer students than for freshmen or continuing students.</p>

<p>Those are simply general impressions. Each school, however, will have its own requirements and availability. YMMV.</p>