College Hit/Give

<p>The High School Life forum has a good one so I thought I'd bring it here.
Add a point to 1 college, subtract 2 points from another. You must have at least 14 posts between your own changes (so you shouldn't have two changes on the same page). Other than that, no time restrictions.</p>

<p>Harvard- 10
Yale- 10
Princeton -10
Stanford -10
Cornell -10
Columbia -10
CMU- 10
UPenn- 10
UCLA -10
Michigan -10
Berkeley- 10
UVA- 10
NYU- 10
UNC- 10
GWU- 10
Chicago- 10
Duke- 10
Devry- 10
ITT Tech- 10</p>

<p>ITT Tech- over 9000</p>

<p>All others- 0</p>

<p>I dunno.. Devry's pretty good competition. They're both really good. Ahhh decisions!</p>

<p>Make your own game fool</p>

<p>Stalker alert. Can't resist my bodacious bod?</p>

<p>No omg you're so hot</p>

<p>Let's just be bffs forever. Kisses and Hugs! XOXO</p>

<p>Omg bril. Friends w/ benefits ASAP. Peace and blessings</p>

<p>Done deal. Twizzler in pants yes.</p>

<p>Licorice twizzlers = total last year & off limits. Let me know K</p>

<p>so you want to take attendance to see which schools are represented on this board..</p>

<p>Honestly I expected Devry to win.</p>

<p>Well this was a successful thread...</p>

<p>Threads not started by me usually fail.</p>

Devry- 10
ITT Tech- 10


<p>LOL. This list isn't very thorough, you forgot Kaplan and Everest.</p>

<p>I think it's fabulous that ITT and Devry are on this list and MIT was left out.</p>

<p>Hey man, Devry beats MIT anyday. It's so good that they never make the rankings because it's just a foregone conclusion that they're the best ever.</p>

<p>^ ya damn right.</p>

<p>for those in the Northeast, dont forget NETTTS--New England Tractor Trailer Training School</p>