College isn't for everybody & that's OKAY

A lot of times after we graduate from high school people think college is the next step. Some of us feel as if without college you won’t get a successful job or be financially stable in the future. Well I’m here to tell you that there plenty of other ways to be successful without going to college.

I don’t go to college just because your friends are going or because everybody in your family went. Just because there doing it doesn’t mean you need to. I believe that whatever you are interested in something that makes you happy or makes things easier for you pursue that! The sad truth a lot of people that go to college don’t even get the job that they dreamed of having & a lot of students end up in debt from student loans. There’s other ways to be successful and “HAPPY”.

College isn’t for everybody and that’s okay. Build your own business, brand yourself. Now I’m not saying college is terrible because it’s not it’s just college. All I’m saying that everybody has there own path. I know ppl who Graduated from college at 21 & still are looking a salary paying job at the age 27. I know ppl who graduated at 25 and how a salary paying job. I know ppl who didn’t even go to college & have there own business. My point is follow your heart everybody has there OWN path just because your doing it differently doesn’t mean your not going to be successful. I believe in you!!!

Very true!

This website is focused on college, but there are many other paths to success!

Mike Rowe does a good job promoting the trades, for example. Many people make a good living and have their own business.

There certainly are other paths. But I can’t resist pointing out that your grammar, punctuation, and spelling would likely be significantly better if you went to college. :wink:

The whole education system in the US is messed up. Germany really has it right with their technical track and college track. There is this mentality a lot of people have that the ONLY way to be successful is to go to a 4-year college and/or graduate school, which is simply not true. A lot of people also think that doing a trade is beneath them. It’s really one of the biggest problems in our society that needs to be addressed.

@intparent, look at the OP’s other thread. He or she is a college student.