College kids are so immature and fake (Penn State scandal related)

<p>College kids are so immature, fake, and phony. Take a look at the Penn State football/child sexual abuse scandal and how it's unfolding. </p>

<p>For those who don't know what's going on, a long time defensive coordinator at Penn State sexually molested/abused 8-9 boys in a 15 year period. In 2002, one of the assistant coaches reportedly walked in on the defensive coordinator having anal sex with a 10 year boy in the showers at Penn State and reported it to Joe Paterno (head coach at Penn State). Paterno then reported it to his superiors and that was the end of it... Today, Paterno along with the president of the university was relieved of their duties. Days before, two other prominent officials stepped down/were relieved of their duties. </p>

<p>In response to the firing of long time coach Paterno who has been with the football program for over 60+ years, students at Penn State started to riot and trash their campus in support of Paterno and in protest of the board's decision to fire Paterno. You guys can read more about the case if you're interested but back to my point. </p>

<p>These college kids are so fake. It seems like it's just the "thing to do" to start rioting and destroying your own campus/town. Why in the world would you vandalize and completely destroy your own campus/town? Our football coach was just fired -- here lemme just destroy my campus, that's smart. Back then, people rioted and marched and rallied for civil rights (women's suffrage and equal rights for African Americans). Nowadays, everyone thinks they're Martin Luther King or Susan B. Anthony, not to mention about 85% of these kids are drunk out of their minds. How about you just let the legal process run its course and be a bit more mature instead of making your campus look like a bomb just went off? </p>

<p>And then during the riots, a freshman girl was being interviewed and she said something along the lines of "We love Joe Paterno, and we're here to support him" and some other phony lines. Um yeah, you're a first semester freshman... What the hell do you know about tradition? What emotional connection or personal attachment do you have with this person? Why are you acting like you bleed Penn State? I doubt she even knows the rules of football. Stop acting like you are completely devastated by the news. It seems like she was just out there (like the other thousands of kids) because it was the thing to do on a Wednesday night. You weren't even a ****in student and affiliated with the university four months ago for crying out loud. Stop going around with your false sense of pride. I bet you just can't resist showing your "undying support" for Joe Paterno, can you?</p>

<p>The scandal/issue at hand is much bigger than football and most kids don't realize this. They don't understand the legal ramifications that this will have on the entire university. What is wrong with these kids who are supporting the coach? Oh wait, it's because he's a legendary coach and I want to fit in so I'm just gonna go out on a Wednesday night and trash my campus -- someone, who I might add I have no emotional connection with whatsoever but I'm gonna act like I was cordially affected and hit hard by the news/fall out. Do they care more about football than those raped boys? </p>

<p>I just don't like how most college kids are blind fans of their university and have some type of false sense of allegiance to their respective colleges. It just seems so contrived and scripted and all too fake for me to stomach.</p>

<p>Also, explain how I saw about an even 50/50 split of guys and girls in the crowd... and considering how 98% of girls don't know a thing about football... you do the math and back to my original point: why exactly are you out there rioting? Oh, I know. It's because you're in college now and it's your chance to act like an idiot and behave like an idiot and have the learning experience right? Live, laugh, learn <3 am I right? I LOL at kids who swear they are "die hard football fans". Why do kids equate the learning experience of college with getting trashed every weekend and behaving like headless chickens?</p>

<p>I almost agree with your point, but your sexist, uninformed, and immature rant clouded whatever decent point you had in there.</p>

<p>Btw, you can be a fan of football and a coach long before college. I come from a family of die hard Michigan fans and I bled blue most of my life. Do you not understand that school pride often comes way before enrolling?</p>

considering how 98% of girls don't know a thing about football...


<p>I'd respond to this comment but I was taught not to feed trollz.</p>

<p>@onhcetum, ... great post. I feel so bad for the students at PS who are there to learn. WOW, an overpaid ($2Mil/year?) octogenarian who didn't have the judgement to call the authorities when a CRIME was committed? They should shut down the program and try to figure out what went wrong. As for the riots, the answer there is to throw out the perps, but I'm certain the ones doing the damage were a small minority. You can't blame all the students at PS, as romanigypsyeyes has proven, the problem transcends a specific location.</p>

<p>It would not surprise me if a sizable portion of the rioters are actually college-aged kids from other schools who couldn't get into PSU but want to pretend they're a part of the "culture." I only say that because whenever there's a riot at my local Big Ten school, that's usually the case. </p>

<p>Really a poor management on behalf of the situation by JoePa and others, however, if the allegations are true. I don't know if I can be mad at him because he seems pretty senile in the recent interviews I've seen, but I don't think the "clean house" policy that the administration took was unwarranted. </p>

<p>The fact that he said he wanted to finish out the winning season got me to thinking that this cat was just trying to get out of dodge before the hammer fell, and I don't think that's right. The immediate punishment was appropriate here.</p>

<p>No disrespect for Paterno, but he f*ked up big time on this one. Him announcing his retirement is a dead giveaway that he had something to do with covering it up, which resulted in more sexual molestation of other boys. Anyone with the slightest hint of common sense would agree that Paterno should've been fired on the spot. But what can I say, these coaches live for football. Look at Pete Carroll and Jim Trussell. Both highly respected coaches went out in not so elegant fashions for breaking NCAA rules. Now, Paterno's part of the club, except people will remember this for a long, long time</p>

<p>The riot is nothing but a bunch of thugs trying to get a kick out of this whole incident. But your generalization of college students is really shallow, with a lot of baseless assumptions. Look at the protest in Berkeley.</p>

<p>@OP </p>

<p>You are wrong on a lot counts so I'm going to give you my opinion on the matter then you can go back to cutting your wrists while crying in the corner of your dorm room.</p>

<p>There's a lot of kids that go to this school who grew up watching Penn State and been to many Penn State games before they got accepted to this school (me being one of them). Penn State was my dream school and I couldn't imagine being at another school. The freshman girl you talk about could be a die hard fan and her being a 4 month freshmen should have no say in determining this whatsoever. I've also met a lot of chicks at this school who can talk to talk when it comes to football so they actually do exist. When you go to a Big Ten school or an SEC school where football is a huge tradition there will be chicks that know football. </p>

<p>JoePa has admitted that he should have done more but he reported it so it wasn't like he tried to hush it up like the higher ups. The higher ups knew about it and once everything spun out of proportion they used Joepa and Graham Spanier as scapegoats to protect themselves. There's definitely something going on if this was has been going on for years and nothing has been done about it until now. </p>

<p>There could be another side of the story but we'll have to wait and see.</p>

<p>Worse allegations are going to come out soon, especially regarding the "pimping out" of kids to high donors and alum. Joe Pa was essentially the highest authority in Penn State (he basically refused to resign back in '02). There are also some allegations that Sandusky was forced to retire and in return would be covered up. Unfortunately a lot of this falls back on Paterno, how can you be the head coach and just be completely oblivious to it? There was another allegation about the disappearance of the DA in the Sandusky case back in '05. Things got way out of hand up there.</p>

<p>Sexist much? Quite a few women know about football- that's pretty much all anybody at my school talks about, including the females. </p>

<p>I don't know if you just don't know any women or what, but that's pretty uncalled for.</p>

Quite a few women know about football- that's pretty much all anybody at my school talks about, including the females.


<p>Oh my, I hope you are exaggerating??</p>

<p>UM HELLO, have you guys seen what's going on? Kids are destroying property and attacking police and tear gas has been used. YOU ARE NOT WALL STREET OCCUPY. YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING FOR EQUAL RIGHTS. A decision was made by the board of trustees, so be mature about it and let the legal process unfold. This is just another example of how stupid college kids are and how they give all college kids a bad rep. </p>

<p>To the the freshman girl (and to the others that were there), UM HELLO. You're a first semester freshman for crying out. Stop acting like you somehow bleed Penn State and actually know about pride, love, and tradition -- WHICH YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT.</p>

<p>So, we can all agree that Penn State students/fans are complete morons, right? Not all of them, just the morons who rioted and tipped over a van because they wanted a child molester enabler to keep coaching. Holy *<strong><em>, what scum of the earth. And I'm not singling out PSU students, as I think they epitomize the majority of immature college kids. HERP DERP, WE WANT FOOTBALL. WHO CARES ABOUT CHILD MOLESTERS! I've always said that rabid sports fans are brain dead. Bunch of stupid animals. But the funny thing is, these guys aren't even die hard football fans to begin with so it's a facade to post on facebook and how "they experienced" *</em></strong> in college CONSIDERING how most of these kids are freshman out of high school who know nothing about tradition in the first place. TELL ME EXACTLY FRESHMAN GIRL, you've only been here for not even a semester, tell me about your dying support for a coach you barely know? </p>

<p>Here's a video... </p>

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<p>You obviously know nothing about this individual person to make any kind of claims about her. </p>

<p>And you accuse THEM of being immature? Grow up, dude.</p>


<p>I DO NOT NEED YOUR SELF RIGHTEOUS PRICKNESS BASHING SPORTS FANS!! and just because i'm a freshman at another big 10 school DOES NOT mean i don't die hard support my football team! for me, it's not about tradition, it's about school pride. </p>

<p>i don't really care what you say about JoePa but shut the hell up with your generalization of sports fans and freshman, etc.</p>

<p>Who cares. The man hasn't actually coached in years. Anyone ever see Weekend at Bernie's?</p>

<p>You are no better than the college students that you accuse of being immature. I'm not talking about the Penn state nonsense, I'm talking about your gross generalizations. Get over yourself.</p>