College Kids Graduating - Job Hunt

<p>As many of you know, I'm graduating this May. (YAY)</p>

<p>I applied for a job a few weeks ago, and never heard anything from them. (BOO)</p>

<p>I also applied for a few jobs about a week ago, and ALSO never heard anything from them. (BOO again)</p>

<p>Friday night, I was online talking with my mom, and she was searching for jobs near our home, and I was searching for jobs near here. What this resulted in was me applying to tons of places at both locations - hoping that at least one would finally give me a call.</p>

<p>This morning I got a call from a place that I applied to on Friday! Talk about getting a fast response! They want to set up an Interview and whatnot. (YAY again!)</p>

<p>I know an Interview doesn't necessarily mean I'll get the job - but it feels great to have the first one booked. :)</p>

<p>(well not exactly booked.. I called to set up the Interview and the woman was gone for the day, so I will have to call her back tomorrow.)</p>


<p>Anyone else with College Kids graduating and searching for a job?</p>

<p>You know I can't find a job for nothing (replace nothing with the s-word) I applied at numerous big companies around Cleveland (National City, Fifth Third, Sherwin Williams) and haven't heard anything back yet. I think its time to fire bomb places (not literally, its a metaphor :)) with resumes and see what sticks. I might need to pad my resume a little bit as it is kinda lacking in computer experience. That might be a topic for a different thread though. Good luck anyways Chrissy and wish the same to me!</p>

<p>I'm a parent. If graduating seniors are posting your job-hunting experiences, could you also post your majors/minors . That would be interesting. Everyone says go study what you love.......I would love to know how that pans out.
Good luck to you all....I know it's a few weeks to graduation, I wish you all well.</p>

<p>I study political science at UCLA, as my name suggests.</p>

<p>I have an (unpaid) internship this quarter in Washington, DC, and in July I have been accepted into the JET Program. The pay is around $36K a year to live and teach in Japan. It's not a goldmine, but I'll take it.</p>

<p>I had interviews with a couple government agencies, including CIA and NCIS. I had an offer from the CIA, but I took JET because it sounds more fun. Some might say that's a bad idea, but I prefer to enjoy life.</p>

<p>I was a political science major and a Japanese minor. I also dabbled in history and Chinese. I'm a firm believer in studying whatever the heck you enjoy.</p>

<p>I'm a business major at York College. (if you're interested in a great business program you should check out our school.. and I sincerely mean that.. its very unique.. definately NOT a slacker major ;))</p>

<p>I also have minors in Photography, Fine Arts, and Visual Communications. I love art (particularly photography), but enjoy it much more as a hobby than as a job.. which is why I chose all the minors rather than a major.</p>

<p>and to UCLAri - my boyfriend accepted a job with the CIA after he graduated - he loved it.</p>

<p>I know this is deviating from the OT, but what types of majors lead to an interview with the CIA?</p>


<p>That's the big secret about your major in the "real world"- it really doesn't matter. The only degrees that offer any sort of noticeable benefit are engineering, which offer a small raise to begin with (I think you were up one step from everyone else on the GS scale).</p>

<p>One of my interviewers had a bio degree, the other two I think were history or poli sci. It was more of a roundtable discussion at the beginning. </p>

<p>Anyway, the CIA is looking for anyone with a degree who can offer the agency devotion, hard work, intelligence, and HONESTY. I think that last one was the most important, to be honest.</p>

<p>Here's something that will give you all hope in the study-what-you-love category: My daughter graduated from UCLA two years ago and found a job within a week of graduating. She majored in studio art.</p>

<p>She also spent her junior year in Italy and got pretty fluent in Italian. Thought about a double major, but really couldn't wait to flee back to Northern California. She was hired by a tile importer: to use her art skills in the showroom, helping people choose their color schemes and designs; to use her Italian translating communications from the tile manufacturers in Italy (her boss already paid for part of a trip to Italy to tour the factories); to use her all around people skills and basic intelligence doing everything from office work to representing the company to distributors up and down the West Coast. Trips to Portland and Seattle. </p>

<p>She has been honest with her employer that she plans to go back to school at some point. He has responded by trying to keep her mind open by giving her new assignments and frequent raises. He offers good benefits, and has an employee stock ownership plan. Her salary is nothing compared to a beginning Investment Banker, but already more than she would make as a teacher, which is what she is considering becoming next. She also picks up extra money translating for a magazine that publishes in both English and Italian, and is taking community college classes in computer art in the evenings.</p>

<p>The lesson: You never know what might come out of following what you love. Possibly a pretty decent first job. Once you are on the job, you will create your own opportunities. If an Art major and Italian lover can find full employment, with a little luck, so can you!</p>

<p>I was lucky, I got job offers months before graduation.</p>

<p>It's all about perseverance and looking early. Like, really really early. Don't worry, many employers want to hire months before you start.</p>

<p>Glad to know your D is doing well, sac. </p>

<p>Let this be a lesson to all you freshies! There are jobs out there! Lots of them!</p>

<p>My cousin did an internship at the Washington Post and they hired her when she graduated. Internships go a long way! </p>

<p>PS: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>PPS: Spends time on your cover letter. I got an internship this summer that only takes college junior/seniors, but my cover letter convinced them that a mere hs grad could do the job just as well. ;)</p>

<p>Cover letters are VERY important. Revise, revise, revise.</p>

<p>Congrats to you, UCLAri, on what sounds like a wonderful opportunity.</p>

<p>Thanks! I highly recommend anyone else looking for a good job after school to consider JET! You don't need to know Japanese, and it offers 3-5 years of solid employment. Also, it is well-known enough to carry a cache, particularly in government. There is a bit of a JET mafia, so to speak.</p>

<p>Fendergirl: Just messing around, I did a google search for "entry level jobs pennsylvania communications." There is a site on MSN Careers that had a bunch of interesting jobs including an art sales associate for an illustration agency, manager of American Eagle stores, and a pharmaceutical salesperson. Take a look.</p>

<p>Just so everyone knows, sometimes it takes up to two months for companies to even start going through their resumes/CVs and setting up interviews. This is particularly true for govt and nonprofit jobs. So, don't start worrying yet if you haven't heard anything, OP.</p>

<p>Can't second internships enough - even if you hate it, the networking is invaluable...and you can do anything you don't particularly like if it's only for a few months.</p>

<p>D of dear friends of ours graduates in 2 weeks from a great LAC, where she had the time of her life for 4 yrs. and majored in accounting. She interned last summer with a top 5 CPA firm, did so well that they offered her a nice job at the end of the start late this summer, after she takes the early summer to study for the CPA exams, with the employer paying for test prep courses! She went back for her sr. year at school with a signed contract and no pressure about the whole job search process - could relax and enjoy her last year -- only musts were a few trips to her new city to find an apartment. Her family and friends are very pleased for - and proud of - her...she's a great kid.</p>

<p>I have two interviews this Friday :)</p>

<p>Hoberto - I know that, but I can't afford a two month gap :) I need a job right away :) </p>

<p>I hope my interviews go well, the second place seemed really great.. they actually offered me an interview before even seeing my resume.. I faxed it over this morning.</p>