College language requirements for GED, HELP!

I was homeschooled, and was terminally ill in high school. Because of this, I missed a lot of school, including foreign language. I’m getting my GED but I’m running into a problem. My community colleges in my state don’t offer any languages, and the state universities here require two years of a foreign language. I really don’t want to shell out $6,000 for two college semesters of just one course, when I could spend that on an entire year of college. What do I do to meet the foreign language requirements???

what state, what community colleges? Community colleges tend to offer articulated transfer agreements with their state colleges and universities. I’m surprised that your community college would not offer any foreign language, yet have an agreement with the state colleges, which require them.

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Georgia. All the community colleges that I’ve looked at here. They’re all technical colleges. They don’t have any language courses. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Where do you plan to transfer? Any idea what you plan to major in? Another possibility might be an inexpensive online class this summer, that awards college credit that the college/U would accept. But unfortunately, most of these are on zoom, and most people cannot stand sitting on zoom all day long for 8 weeks!

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My daughter is a homeschooled senior. She’s going to earn a high school diploma rather than a GED. She was able to meet the world language requirement through a combination of independent online classes and self-study.

For high school level courses that may be less expensive, look into Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and BYU Independent Study. BYU Independent Study also has college level courses. I can’t speak to the quality of the BYU classes, but my daughter took a language course through FLVS and it was pretty good.

HOWEVER(!), I would really recommend, If you know which colleges you want to apply to, contact an admissions counselor and ask if courses from those schools would allow you to meet the minimum requirement for world language as a student with a GED.

Or there may be other possibilities. For example, some schools may allow you to take your world language requirement as an admitted student.

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Here is one possibility for high school foreign language courses: VHS Learning | VHS Learning

Look also at North Atlantic Regional High School. If you have done some high school you might be able to get a diploma through them.

1 Like has free CLEP courses, and a free voucher for the exam. See if your intended college would accept CLEP credit.

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