College List Advice/Help Shortening It

I’m a rising senior interested in Journalism, International Relations, Public Policy, and Political Science. How does my list sound for these majors? Are there any other schools I should look at? Current students/alumni- what are the pros and cons of the schools in terms of academics and campus life?

Only Plan on Applying to 10 Total:
American University
Boston University

Duke University
Elon University
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Ithaca College
University of Maryland: College Park
University of Michigan
University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill
Northwestern University
Syracuse University
Washington University at St. Louis

^Also I’m in-state for UMD fyi

Looks like a good list that is a little reach heavy. What are your stats?

Where is your dead-on safety? If you aren’t happy with your local CC for the first two years followed by transfer to one of the MD public Us with an articulation agreement, then you’d best find yourself a safety.

Have you and your parents run the Net Price Calculator at the website of each of these places? Are they all affordable for your family?