College list feedback?

Costs need to stay below $35k a year, merit aid might be necessary (at least $5k, so achievable at the matches but not as likely at the reaches). All safeties are affordable.

Nothing colder than Pitt, please, if you’re suggesting additions. (Medical issue)

Current List:
Wake Forest
University of Miami
Pitt (in-state)

Potential Major: Bio (?) Considering premed
Also interested in studying computer science and music

New SAT: 1590
Old SAT: 2260, only sending when required
National Merit: most likely (224 SI)
GPA: 4.0 unweighted
Class Rank: 1/271, may end in 2nd
Most rigorous course load

State president of a large CTSO, several years as a state officer, multiple national and state top-three awards (main EC)
Also play classical piano, run sound for stage crew, and participate in a service organization (50 service hr/year) and NHS (15 hr/yr)

My Questions: Is this a balanced list? Are there any schools I should consider adding / removing?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re into Vandy Duke Emory, add UVA and Michigan!

Rhodes, in Memphis and Miami of Ohio would likely give merit aid.

If you like Pitt then you are fine. You can get your acceptance early since it has rolling admissions and cost for instate is about 35K a year full pay.

@guitar321 I like Michigan I just don’t think I can handle the winters! I’ll look into UVA but I’m not sure how well the finances will work OOS. Thanks for the suggestions though!

@midwestmomofboys I will look into those, thanks!

@Dolemite I do like Pitt a lot, and we’re visiting soon to be sure. A lot of friends with similar profiles have gotten a lot of merit aid, so I’m not counting on it but it would be nice.

Sorry for the double post, but I have a follow up question. Would the addition of Chapel Hill make sense, since I don’t have a lot of very high reaches? Or would 10 schools be too many?

You could add Chapel Hill, OP, if you really like the school; however, I think it would still be in the high match/low reach range. 10 schools is a perfect number though! I really think you have a solid list here though - you’ve clearly done your homework. That being said, because of the need for merit/financial aid, applying early decision to one of these schools would be unwise. You just have to pray everything works out for the best!

@tavernier23 Thank you! I’m going to apply EA as many places as I can, so definitely no ED.