College List for a Black Transfer Student

<p>I want to know what are good LACs for a poltical science major. I want to make my college list before I graduate high school and want a balance between research institutes and LACs to minimum of 10 or 12 colleges.</p>

<p>My list so far
U Penn
U of Southern California

<p>You'll want to see how transfer-friendly each school is. Usually, it is the state universities that are most friendly to transfer students.</p>

<p>I think most of those schools have very low (<1%) transfer in rates. That doesn't mean in can't happen but you probably need to talk to admissions people now to find out what they'll expect from a transfer student.</p>

<p>If you're still in HS, why are you looking at transferring?</p>

<p>why not start at a 4 year now?</p>

<p>Transfer students often don't get much in aid, so if you need aid, you should consider starting at a 4 year.</p>

<p>I already looked at the transfer rates and already made my decision to go to a community college. Can someone recommend me some colleges? I'm interested political science and East Asian Studies. Any suggestions will help and none of these colleges have <1% acceptance rate. </p>

<p>Amherst 5%
Swarthmore 9%
Georgetown 10%
Brown 11%
Northwestern 11%
Tufts 11%
U Penn 15%
USC (CA) 27%
Emory 36%</p>


<p>Dc = political science</p>

<p>Plus it is the 5th ranked school where black students are most likely to succeed.</p>

<p>Black</a> Enterprise's Top 50 Colleges For African-Americans</p>

<p>Forget the rest.</p>

<p>You need to check the transfer requirements for each of those schools. You can generally find them in the Common Data Set, section D. For instance, Amherst <a href=""&gt;;/a> requires the HS record of all transfer students and recommends all send their SAT/ACT. Some will consider your HS record while others may not after two years in CC.</p>

<p>"I want to make my college list before I graduate high school"</p>

<p>But why? I really hope that you're going to learn a lot in your two years at CC about what college subjects interest you more strongly, whether you are better at papers or problem sets in the college setting, etc. etc.</p>

<p>Furthermore, you can't begin to guess whether you will be competitive as a transfer applicant until you have a CC GPA. Your chances at the schools you chose in HS may be zero if you end up with a 2.9. This is not a good use of your time.</p>

<p>Sorry, my fault. I was looking at the number of transfers in the class. If you're interested in East Asian studies that will be a limiting factor. Here's a list of 42 schools with East Asian Language or Studies majors and a 25%CR of at least 560 since you seem to be interested in the more competitive schools.
College</a> Navigator - Search Results</p>