College List Opinions and Reccomendations

<p>Ok so first off, here's my "Stats":</p>

Math: 680
CR: 680
Writing: 700
GPA is roughly 3.9/4.0 (my school is horrible with GPAs, but that is what they have me at)</p>

<p>Next years schedule I have AP English, Calc, Psychology, and Weighted Physics 2.</p>

<p>My short(ish) list at the moment is as follows (in no order):
-Carnegie Mellon University
-Case Western
-Penn State
-MIT (reach)</p>

<p>I'm planning majoring in either physics or some sort of engineering (possible aerospace), and was wondering what you all thought of my choices, as well as my chances of getting into them. Even more important than this, though, I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for schools I should look into or would possibly like. I'm trying to broaden my search beyond these few.</p>

<p>I'm leaning toward an east coast school, size doesn't really matter all that much, and probably with an urban campus. Any responses are appreciated!</p>

<p>It looks like you might be from PA. I suggest looking into RPI and WPI for engineering if you don't mind going away from home. Also, Cooper Union has all kinds of disciplines in engineering.</p>