College lost my transcript!

<p>My #1 college lost my transcript. Do I get any consideration since they lost it? Will this ruin my chances even though I applied in November for early action?! Please help!</p>

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<p>Ask them. With two kids either in or applying to colleges, we've found out lost transcripts happen far more often than I would have believed. It is good to keep on top of whether they have everything or not and resend if necessary. All you can do at this point is contact them with your questions. It's not too late to be accepted, but I don't know cut offs for Early Action decisions.</p>

<p>My son's number one college lost his transcript TWICE. And a couple other things. Just ask where / how to send it again. And keep up on them; call and ask if they have everything. Worked for us - he's there now. Early action, probably not. :( But call all your other schools as well and make sure they have everything.</p>