College Major choice

Hi Im a senior in high school and I want to work in the business and technology field what major would I choose

Business and Information Technology major (BIS or IT). If you are a Senior, haven’t you already applied to colleges and what did you put down for your major?

I put down business

So are BIS or IT options at the school where you applied?


Great then you can look into what courses are needed for those majors. Both these majors are usually housed in the Business school or are concentrations/options for any Business major.

Maybe look at Data Science or Analytics. A nice mix of business, CS and stats.

Also consider Industrial Engineering programs. Another nice mix of business, math, and CS/tech. Look at Georgia Tech’s ISyE program. S20 transferred from business to ISyE.

Otherwise look at IS/MIS degrees. Usually under the business school or its own school.

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