I feel like I kind of messed up while picking the colleges I’d like to apply to. I was planning and am currently only applying to UCs, CSUs, and Santa Clara University. However, I was careless and did not do enough research beforehand. I always knew that I’d like to major in something in the STEM field. I was leaning towards majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry. But recently, I decided to see some videos and I saw that it is not the best idea to major in these types of hard sciences unless I am wishing to pursue a higher education. Currently, my goals are to go to PA school but I may not feel the same as I grow and my interests change. Therefore, I want to get degree that will broaden the jobs I can get after college. I was planning on majoring in Healthcare Administration instead but none of the UCs or Santa Clara University have that major and only 1 of the CSUs have the major. Can you guys suggest an alternate major? or What do you think about majoring in these types of hard sciences?

Thanks in advance!

most students at most colleges change majors more than once. I wouldn’t worry about getting it nailed down forever at this point. Just pick a broad lane that interests you. Chem, Bio or even Biz if you think you want to be on the admin side of healthcare.

Not your question but, you list some really selective schools - and STEM at many schools are harder admits. It is hard to assess your qualifications for them without your stats.

Good luck

Major isn’t important but the classes you take are so choose a major where you can take the pre-req courses required. GPA is also important so choose a major (and school) where you feel you will be happy and successful.

UC Davis has a very good health advising website. This is a link to the PA section but look around at other health professions on that website and compare the pre-reqs for different fields.

Here are the pre-reqs for PA at a variety of California schools. For each profession, click on the “resources” button to find a grid of the pre-reqs.