College Niche a legitimate website?


<p>So my friends and I were recently discussing some scholarship options available, and often times they seem overly cautious of a lot of websites, claiming that there's a lot of fraud on the internet (I don't deny that). </p>

<p>So while doing some research, I stumbled upon a website called College Niche,. It looks relatively legitimate. From a cursory glance, the website organizes upcoming scholarships to make it easy for you to keep track of them. There are a couple of legitimate scholarship that I've found that College Niche has compiled, so there's some legitimacy in the website. I tried searching college confidential (albeit not extensively) for anything on this website, but I haven't found anything. </p>

<p>Has anybody heard or seen anything about this website? I haven't encountered anything very sketchy about it so far, but information seems pretty hard to come by. Does anybody know anything about this website's history or legitimacy? I don't want to waste time on a potential scam.</p>


<p>It looks the same as the other, better-known sites. And it finds the same, small, hard-to-get scholarships.</p>

<p>Google says it’s just a rebranding of a well-known site whose name gets censored on here. They’re not going to ask you for money or anything, but I think it’s a waste of time to apply for those scholarships.</p>