College of A&S/Carroll School Acceptance

<p>I am interested in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Carroll School of Management at BC. Is one more competeive than the other as far as acceptance goes. Also, do you think being a Boston College High School student will be a factor in admission?</p>

<p>BC does not publish any data on the acceptance rates of the individual schools. Some posters on CC have suggested that CSOM is more selective than A&S although I doubt that the difference is too significant. Don't try and "game" the system by applying to a particular school just because you think it would make it easier to get accepted. On your application, you should just indicate the school that has the major you are most interested in. However, if you are considering a business major but are not entirely sure yet, you should probably apply to CSOM since internal transfers from A&S into CSOM are more difficult to pull off than transfers from CSOM into A&S. </p>

<p>Being a BCHS student might give you the slight "Jesuit boost" if you are an otherwise qualified applicant. However, if your grades and test scores are below average, it probably won't get you into BC.</p>

<p>^oh god, stop talking. BCHS students have a huge boost in admissions, I compared data with another poster and i believe 30% matriculated to BC, and many more were accepted. CSOM is harder than Carroll, because it is very difficult to transfer into CSOM after gaining admission to BC from another school. I'll try and find the statistics.</p>

<p>wait how many students are in your class?</p>

<p>I have not seen any data for CSOM, but in general, i.e., nearly every other undergrad biz school, females receive a significant admissions boost. OTOH, if you have xy chromosomes....</p>

<p>At the tour and the information session, they told us that there were higher standards for CSOM applicants. It IS harder to get in to the CSOM than the college of a&s.</p>

<p>HOWEVER, do NOT apply to the college of A&S with the intent to quickly switch schools when accepted. It will not work. VERY few transfers are accepted into the CSOM. So if you're thinking about going into business, just apply now, because otherwise you probably won't be allowed to transfer in.</p>

<p>How much higher do you think the standards are?</p>