College of Charleston Early Decision / Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

no. where will we see the decision?


Not yet

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Thank you

the admission portal

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what do you press to find it

Mine has an update but she’s not home to log on lol

When you log into the application portal, using the link they emailed you after you applied, it should say Your Decision is Ready and you click on View your Decision. This is if you applied by Nov 1. Good luck!

My kid was accepted.

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My son was accepted! 3.9 and TO varsity sport, jobs and volunteer hours. some merit but not a ton.

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Accepted with a scholarship

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My daughter was accepted with a scholarship too. I don’t know what is good and bad for merit as this is only second school she’s heard from!

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Did you guys get an email saying it was updated? My daughter can’t get on, it’s just showing the part where it says application %100 complete. Nothing about an update

No email …just the button on that page said your decision is waiting and u pressed the envelope

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Nothing updated, she applied October 18th

Accepted with scholarship. Does anyone know how to go about registering their portal? We can’t figure it out. Is that where financial aid awards are hidden?

Accepted with scholarship.

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Daughter accepted
4.0UW/4.7 W
8 AP’s/4 DE
4 Year Varsity Lacrosse
Admitted to Honors College


Early action deadline was the 15th I think. So that means she’s with the regular decision which comes out March 1

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