College of Charleston Honors + Intl Scholar vs. U of South Carolina Honors

I could not figure out how to edit a previous topic title - my daughter has made the cut to the final two schools. So starting a new thread. Anyone have experience with either C of C (daughter in Honors and a named Intl. Scholar - a cohort of 10 or so)…or U of South Carolina Honors.

Cost is out of the equation (U of SC is $6K less but we are good there).

Daughter wants school spirit - not necessarily football but school spirit. So she’s concerned about C of C there.

Concerned a bit about Jewish life at U of SC…but like all kids, loves that U of SC (to her) has higher pedigree as they are the #1 Honors College (while there’s not a true ranking, they have this on banners all over campus).

Major - Intl Studies and if at Charleston, a 2nd (either Public Health or Urban Studies) as C of C requires it. I imagine she could do similar at U of SC.

I think she’d choose Charleston but their avg ACTs are 3 points or so lower than U of SC and so that concerns her. Yet, I’ve read nothing but great things about Charleston and I do think the smaller program will benefit her. But she’s concerned, based on rank and student academic profile, it’s not as good a school.

Any experiences you’ve had with either??? Thanks

It depends on what she hopes to do.
The bottom half students overall at CoC aren’t very academically inclined or gifted, but the top 25% are excellent, dynamic, and motivated. Charleston is great town, the whole area is a great place in which to spend 4 years. She’ll have to stay focused but the experience in the Honors College is personalized, supportive, and challenging. You may want to restrict rushing to sophomore year (or Spring freshman year?) to ensure she stay focused, because it’s easy to get derailed, but she certainly won’t be lacking in academic opportunities and challenges.
The same can be said for USC Honors.
There’ll be more high-caliber students and the bottom 50% (outside Honors) won’t be the same as the lower level students at CoC. There’ll be more sports-based school spirit and more choices within Honors. It’s larger, in a city (though not a metropolis – Columbia is not Atlanta).
I don’t think you can make a wrong choice here.
@lindagaf had bad reports about CoC so she may be able to shed light upon what happened, in case it applies to your daughter.

My information is hearsay, so make of it what you will. Two different students I know (we are in the Northeast) transferred out after the first year. They felt the party culture was too much and that students were not interested in their studies.

I know a kid at U of SC. He is not super academically focused, but he is graduating this year and has had a great experience. Definitely lots of school spirit. Personally, I’d probably choose U of SC honors. I think the larger size overall will allow your child to meet more likeminded peers.

Thanks - my daughter has chosen Charleston - but I do worry that even with all the attention she’ll supposedly get (they have profs call…no other school has done that)…I just worry if the school is so bad overall will there be career options out of there, etc.?

Even though U of SC has Honors (the top Honors), I don’t believe it’s as personal.

All that said, my daughter made the decision - I just hope it’s the right one. Her ideal school is Emory (WL), Miami (we decided too pricey), or American (we decided too pricey) but from a size POV you can see why Charleston is more comfortable for her.

I appreciate the insights.

What’s interesting by the way is - my daughter is a great student - but like most - not focused enough. With her 30/32 SS at Charleston, she’s great…and did get into Honors at U of SC and UGA (which is strong in her likely major, but she just didn’t feel that spark)…she’s solid…but no academic superstar.

But she is concerned with being with slackers.

Most on the CC or Facebook rave about Charleston - but you kind of validate what has always concerned me.

I mean to say with her 30/32 she’s strong …but there are 35s/36s running around everywhere…meaning she’s really good…but it’s funny because at other schools she’s just average…or not admitted.

I do worry about the party scene. She has a great head on her shoulders but peer pressure catches her and most.

She won’t be with slackers in the Honors College. I doubt there’ll be issues in outcomes if she uses what’s at her disposal (advisers, career center, opportunities offered to Honors students). However she’ll have to be careful not to be too social - take her cue from the Honors students (who’ll have plenty of fun but will know Sunday through Thursday evenings are for studying, not partying) rather than random people. Being in the Honors Dorm or a quiet floor helps, too. If she’s interested in Greek life, (if I were her parent) I’d request she not rush Fall freshman year because that can cause someone to get off track quickly due to the time commitment.

She is and isn’t. Yes, like all kids, she’ll have to figure it out.

The Honors dorm at U of SC is really nice. My son was in the one at Bama. It was quiet - eerily quiet. The one at Charleston - it may just be a floor - it’s sort of dumpy but well located.

At some point, we have to let them make decisions. I knew from our first visit a year and a half ago we’d end up there even though we applied to 21 schools and have 17 admittances including a very good Washington & Lee (but $81K, I don’t see the value)…same with Miami and American - just too much.

She made the call on Charleston - and she’s an international scholar - so there’s even more personalization that she might not get where she’s just “another” Honors student.

Appreciate your insights…