College of Chemistry Breadth Requirements

<p>I was just looking at the College of Chemistry breadth requirements for a friend of mine in CoC's 2010-11 handbook (found here: <a href=""&gt;;/a> ), and I was just wondering if I interpreted them correctly. It would be great if somebody who knows the College of Chemistry requirements could just read through this post and fix any errors. Thanks.</p>

<p>Okay, so my friend is planning to major in Chemical Engineering. According to page 14 of this document, this major requires 19 units total of humanities breadth courses in addition to the Berkeley university requirements. Within those 19 units, one course must be an approved reading and composition course. The remaining units can be fulfilled by any humanities courses off of the College of Chemistry Breadth Requirement Course List, found on pages 38-40 of this document. These courses can include any history, political science, and economics classes, for example. In addition, CoC also requires that two of the chosen humanities courses (at least one upper division) must be linked together in some way, and that requirement can also be fulfilled by linking an upper division course with AP credit in a humanities course, again according to page 14. Page 42 also suggests that AP credit in humanities courses can also be used towards the breadth requirement. </p>

<p>Anyways, my friend has already completed POLS 301 (according to, this is a 3 unit course that substitutes for Berkeley's Pol Sci 1), Hist 310 (a 3 unit course that substitutes for History 7a) , and Hist 311 (a 3 unit course that substitutes for History 7b) at Sacramento City College. He also has 5's on both of the economics AP tests. Since the Breadth Requirement Course List allows any political science and history courses, my friend has a total of 9 units from the community college courses. These courses account for Berkeley's American history and institutions requirements. In addition, page 42 of the document states that each economics AP test counts for 2.7 units of breadth credit. 9 + 5.4 = 14.4 units. </p>

<p>Therefore, if I understand correctly, he only needs to take one English course (like German r5a or something) and one upper division American Cultures course that is linked to one of his history, political science, or economics courses. For example, Environmental Econ 140AC, which would be linked with AP Econ, would fulfill that. Those two courses would be an additional seven units, putting him at 21.4 units.</p>

<p>Am I correct in assuming that my friend only needs to take two Humanities courses over his entire four years at Berkeley? That is far fewer than I would have expected. Please help us out if we're reading the requirements the wrong way. Thank you very much.</p>

<p>Yeah, looks like you've done your research pretty well; he only has to take two of those type of courses.</p>

<p>Same thing goes with me(will be in CoC myself)</p>

<p>Cool, thanks.</p>