college of creative studies

<p>so, i've been admitted to UCSB at the college of letters arts and sciences, as an undeclared major. i did not know about the college of creative studies when i first applied and it really seems like something i want to do. i would want to apply for an english lit major. is this still possible for me to do? i think i read somewhere that i would be able to but if i got accepted it would be for my second quarter at ucsb. is this correct? also, how difficult would it be for me to get in? i have A's in english classes but my grades in science/math are not as good. would this affect my chances? im also an avid writer so i think i could submit good samples.</p>

<p>The admissions at ccs are rolling so you can apply anytime. Chances are if you apply you might still be able to get in for 1st quarter, but you can always start at ccs 2nd quarter or next year.
I wouldnt worry about bad science or math grades as the ccs is focused on you being good at the subject you are applying to. A's in eng classes may not be enough as they probably want A's in AP English classes and 4/5s to back it up. And SATI and SATII scores as well as ACT score will play a role in it as well. Finally a strong teacher recommendation from an English teacher you had and a convincing letter of intent will give you good standing against others who compete for spots in ccs.</p>

<p>Ultimately you lose nothing by applying so... do it!</p>

<p>Good luck bro, it's hard to get in. Just ask the 300 students, about 1.5% of the student body that are currently enrolled in it</p>

<p>CCS is definitely something to consider; if you want more information don't hesitate to contact someone in the front office or the lit program. A large portion of the lit students transfer in at some point, often after taking a few CCS classes and getting to know the faculty and the program better. It is difficult to get in, however (you'll need good letters of rec from an English teacher in addition to a statement of purpose and writing samples).</p>