College of NJ Engineering Program

How is the engineering program at TCNJ? I fell in love with the school and the new facilities are impressive. Had been considering Lehigh and Lafayette but there was something about TCNJ that now has that as my first choice. Have seen posts though saying engineering isn’t great there and hard to speak with professors as so many are adjunct professors. Wondering if that has changed since it seems they are putting so much money into STEM

Don’t know where you’re getting your information from about the professors. Currently all of the engineering courses in the major are taught by full-time faculty. If you went to tcnj over Lehigh or Lafayette, you would be getting the same ABET quality engineering education at less than half the price of the other two. Check Tcnjs employment stats for engineering and computer science grads—- they are doing as well or better in terms of starting salary than Lehigh or Lafayette or even Stevens or Rutgers. There are so many advantages to going to tcnj (and Rowan engineering) over the more expensive private school or larger public’s: lower debt, very small classes, easily walkable campus, location in the tri state area, etc.

Rowan and Tcnj are the real up and comers in computer science and engineering on the east coast—- unbeatable combination of cost and quality

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Thanks so much. Very helpful. The program looked great when I toured.

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