College of the Holy Cross ED 2024

Hi all. I submitted my application 11/7 but my senior grades didn’t get sent until 11/20. Has anyone received an acceptance call or letter already?

My daughter applied ED on 11/13, interviewed on 11/14, and her senior grades were sent very recently. If you’d like I’ll reply when she gets a response.

Yes, thank you!

Submitted 10/31…grades sent 11/19… still haven’t heard. Anyone else?

I haven’t. I’m expecting to find out after Thanksgiving, but who knows!

I submitted my app early October and my first quarter grades were sent this past week. I heard most ED’s will be sent decisions on December 15th I believe? Best of luck to everyone!

So I’m assuming ED notification is no longer rolling?

HC 2022 and 2023 ED threads would lead one to think notifications were rolling however, the email we received below says it will be Dec 15.

Early Decision I candidates will be notified of the Committee’s decision online on December 15, provided all required credentials, including the Early Decision Agreement Form and first quarter grades are received. Please let me know if you have questions about the application process or need further information about the College. Best wishes for continued success this academic year.

Ok. Thank you for the info.

My son applied in October and had everything in by 11/1 and has heard nothing yet.

Does the college expect the ED acceptance rate to be as high as last yr (81%)?

It’s that time of the year for waverly! This guy sure doesn’t like HC.

As discussed before the HC ED rate is quite skewed as 100% of the 750 student athletes are ED (along with many other recruited athletes who are officially admitted but opt to go elsewhere — football alone has a ton of “officially admitted” defects). So call it 180 attendees + many recruited defects in each ED cycle are a 100% acceptance rate.

That being said, if you are legacy or have HC as your #1, you should def apply early. Mind you, HC has over enrolled the last 5 years (higher than anticipated yield) and has accepted 0 off the waitlist. So if you’re waitlisted, you’re probably out of luck.

Tonight there was an admissions webinar and it seems as if admission decisions will come out on Sunday, compared to past years when they’ve came out semi-rolling.

Has anyone received a call yet? My son said one of his friends did today. He is still waiting.

Got the call around 2:15. Holy cross class of 2024!!!

Are ED decisions coming out today?

@EHanderson are you an athlete?

I also just got the call. Class of 2024! And I’m not an athlete

My son just got the call - 2:15 mountain time. Class of 2024! He is a swimmer.

My son received the call after 3. Class of 2024!