College of the Holy Cross or Franklin and Marshall College

Hi! I am currently enrolled in Franklin and Marshall College but I have been accepted to transfer to the College of the Holy Cross. If I transfer I will be closer to home and have access to anatomy/physiology courses that Franklin and Marshall College does not offer. I want to become a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. Franklin and Marshall College has ethnic/racial diversity that Holy Cross lacks. I feel college is a time to meet people with different perspectives and experiences but I want to be prepared for my maybe future career. Any advice on transferring from Franklin and Marshall College to the College of the Holy Cross?

I will also take any advice on undergraduate preparations for secondary education in the medical field.

how much research have you done into entering these fields? For being a nurse practitioner many programs expect that you are already a RN when you apply. PA schools usually don’t. Both programs will look for patient care experience, PA schools also like to see shadowing of current PAs. Given you’re not in a BSN program, becoming a NP may be a long slog.

Strong letters of rec are going to be critical (as are the other areas of your app). Before you transfer you ought to have a talk with one of the health profession advisors at Holy Cross to understand how recs for the NP and PA programs work .

For med schools HC submits a committee letter and they make it very clear they screen applicants to see who gets favorable letters. Their med school admit rate is better than the US college average, likely because they can control who applies with the committee letter (you’re wasting money and time if they don’t endorse you). If you have a 25% chance of getting in to med school HC can’t let you and 3 similar students apply and drag down their admit rate even though one of you would have ended up in med school.

How this all matters to you is that you need to find out whether for NP and PA programs you simply ask some profs for letters of rec or if you go thru the health profession advisors. And if the latter, find out now what it will take for them to write a strong rec.